By blastoff

Keeping Your Loved One Healthy

As a caregiver you can play a big role in keeping your loved one healthy. Follow these caregiving tips to make sure they are feeling their best.

Doctors: Make sure your loved one gets to all his/her doctor appointments. Go to doctor appointments with him/her so you can keep tabs on treatment and be an advocate for them.

Have a list of questions and concerns to discuss with the doctor beforehand. If you have noticed any new symptoms? Do any of the medications cause side effects? As the caregiver, you may notice things that your loved one doesn’t realize or forgets to ask about.

Medication: Many seniors take a lot of medicines. It’s easy to get confused. You can simplify the process. Get a large, easy-to-read weekly pillbox. Help set it up and keep it refilled. Using timers or alarms can be a big help to remind your loved one to take medicine.

Activity:  Exercise can improve his health, mood, sleep, and strength and lower the risk of falls. Try short walks around the neighborhood, or swimming at the community pools. Encourage your loved one to be active.

Mental Health: Keep an eye out for signs of depression and anxiety or changes in mood. Don’t assume that problems will get better on their own. Talk to your loved one’s doctor about getting help.

Nutrition: Maintaining good nutrition can play a big part in staying healthy. When you shop for your loved one, choose nutritious foods that are easy to prepare.

Bring over frozen homemade meals that can be reheated in the microwave or oven, clearly labeled and dated. Also you should take a look in the fridge and cabinets to make sure that food has not expired.